Identify The Hooks That Will Help Your Student Get Into His Or Her Top College Picks & Get Scholarships

We are holding a special ENCORE training ThursdayDecember the 22nd at 6.30pm (PST) where we will walk you through…

…”How To Identify Your Teen’s Unique Hooks – That Once Properly Strengthened And Leveraged – Will Help Him Or Her Get admitted Into More Top College Picks And… 

…Qualify For Merit Scholarships“.

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We are revealing for the very first time in this online training, strategies that we have only shared with our Ucan Prep inner client circle who paid thousands of dollars to access and implement these strategies.

You get them for FREE.

Also, as the PSAT scores are in, Melody and I will show you what PSAT score index your teen needs to have achieved to be able to use it as academic hook.

We will also allocate part of the training to show you how to compare the PSAT score to an ACT score to assess whether your teen should focus on the SAT or ACT.

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll learn on this special online training:

* Learn about the hook and why your teen needs to identify his or her unique hooks as early as the 7th or 8th grade to win the admission game and get scholarships

* What PSAT index score must your teen have received to be able to use it as an academic hook?

* Discover 29 hooks and identify which ones apply to your teen and can be strengthened and leveraged for college prep, college admission, and merit scholarship success

* Learn a powerful step-by-step process to create a hook statement that provides your family with focus and clarity when building your student’s extra-curricular bio

* You’ll discover why the hook statement is the most important planning tool to help position your teen and differentiate him or her from a fiercely competitive college applicant pool.

* You’ll discover through student case studies how Ucan Prep students have leveraged their hook statements to gain admission into their top-college picks and get scholarships; you will learn why one of our past students received over $750,000 in total merit scholarships.

* and much more…

Also, when you register, you will receive BONUS #1: Access to a pdf document that will show you the 29 hooks we have identified to help a student stand out in the college application process.

During the online training, we will show you how to pick 2 to 4 hooks that apply to your teen and that he or she can strategically leverage to gain admission into more top college picks and qualify for merit scholarships.

Bonus #2: When you attend this training, we will gift you

with another bonus showing you how to craft your teen’s hook statement. This is a very powerful exercise that will help strategically position and differentiate your teen. Again, our clients have paid us thousands of dollars to learn and implement this ONE uber powerful college planning strategy for their teens.

You get this bonus for FREE just for attending the online training.

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