Warning To Seniors. Don’t Make This Mistake

Below is the copy of an e-mail we sent to our clients whose high school teens are 10th, 11th and 12th graders. If you have a senior, the content will share a mistake we see a handful of our seniors make every year. Make sure that your senior does not make the same error.

Even though the content was primarily directed to our seniors who are working on their common applications, we felt that it would especially benefit juniors who, in less than a year from now, will be tackling their common applications, the application platform used by hundreds of private and state colleges.

If you are the parent of a high school student, please share how not making this mistake would greatly benefit your teen. Am curious to hear about your experience.

A large number of regular decision deadlines for schools using the common application will be on 1/1, 1/2, 1/5 and 1/15 of 2017.

By the way, be on the look out next week for information about an upcoming FREE online training in which we will show you how to identify your teen’s unique hooks.

Hooks are accomplishments, skills sets, qualities, and experiences that help a student position himself or herself, differentiating themselves from a competitive applicant pool. We have identified over 30 different hooks that, once your student identifies, develops and strengthens, will help your high school teen set him or herself apart from the competition.

E-mail sent to Ucan families on 12/5/17.

Melody and I strongly encourage parents of juniors and their 11th graders to carefully read this e-mail because, in less than a year from now, the advice in this e-mail will apply to the upcoming seniors.

Congrats to all Ucan seniors for having completed major milestones: submitting your EA or ED and UC applications.

Awesome work!

Also, kudos to those seniors who have already completed all parts of their common applications as well as completed their drafts for their remaining supplementary essays. Your efficient use of time in the past months will pay off: you get to use December to fine tune all of your drafts.

To the seniors who have not yet tackled their remaining applications due in January, NOW, is the time to immediately pivot and start working – daily – on your remaining common applications and non common applications.


Please do NOT repeat the mistake of some seniors in the past who – once their Uc applications were submitted – put off entirely working on their college apps until the x-mas break. They probably felt that the need to focus on schoolwork justified such a shortsighted decision.

This is a COLOSSAL MISTAKE for 2 reasons:

1-Such faulty reasoning presupposes that working concurrently on school work and college applications is not doable. This is hardly the case! Up until November 31st, seniors proved to themselves that they could juggle working on both their applications and school work.

2-Completing the common application is much more labor intensive as applicants have to expend mental bandwidth, effort and time to insure that each of following parts within the application are equally strong:

1- the common application

2- the expanded activity list

3- the abridged activity list

4- a 650 word or less personal statement

5- the supplementary applications

6- supplementary essays

The prompts for the supplementary essays used by the more selective colleges are complex.

Just to come up with a well thought out thesis for each prompt will require time and effort. A number of first-tiered colleges require their applicants to produce written responses to as many as 4 prompts.

And oh seniors, anticipating that some of you may think “Oh, no problem Jonathan. I can recycle each of the 4 Uc essays”. Yes, you can expand one of your UC essays and use it for the personal statement, but…

…you will find that the prompts for the supplementary essays are different than most of the 8 UC prompts.

So, seniors, the message is loud and clear: don’t stop working on your college applications instead, work daily on your remaining apps.

For those of you working in our college application program who did not apply early decision or early action, we highly recommend that you complete, with our guidance, all 6 of the above documents by no later than…

…X-mas break. This will ideally allow you to improve each of your drafts as you will have time during the break to work on multiple rewrites.

Ucan !