College Funding Success Stories

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Senior Gets Into Schools Like Uc Berkeley & Ohio State And Is Awarded Over $420,000 in Merit Scholarships

Ucan student shares about her test score, admission results and is awarded $750,000 in total merit scholarships

Ucan Student Got Money From All Of The Schools Except Villanova And UCSB.

Things went very well! Overall, I was 9 for my 12 schools. I got into SMU, Villanova, USD, Santa Clara, UCSB, Boson University, LMU, Fordham, and Tulane. I got money from all of the schools except Villanova and UCSB. As of right now I am going to take Tulane, as they have a strong pre-law, I love New Orleans, and I got $20,000 a year for community service and grades. I am so excited and happy with my results and can’t thank you enough for everything!

Ryan Woodruff, Ucan and Loyola alumni

Ucan Graduate Reveals Whopping Scholarship She Got To Attend A Famous College Back East

Ucan Student Gets Admitted Into Yale, Stanford And Receives Merit Scholarships

One thing I really like about Ucan Prep is that it is not just a simple SAT prep class, it is a class that teach you beyond what’s on the test–it helps you through regular high school work, college applications, college interviews and much more. Most importantly, it helps you to realize your potential. I got admitted to Yale, Duke, Stanford; I was granted the Morehead Scholarship at University of North Carolina, Regent and Chancellor Scholarship to UC Berkeley, UC Irvine, and UC San Diego.

Ying Yua

Cal Lutheran Offered $36 000, $62 000 For 5 Yrs, And, APU Gave Me $25000 For 4 Yrs.

Merry x-mas jonathan. So far, i have heard from 3 schools and gotten into the 3. AZUSA PACIFIC, CAL LUTHERAN AND HOLY NAMES. Cal lutheran and Holy Names offered very good scholarships. Cal lutheran offered $36 000, $62 000 for 5 yrs, and, APU gave me $25000 for 4 yrs.

Daniel Flores, Senior from Cathedral High School

I Got Into Fairfield And SMU With A $60,000 Scholarship

I hope you had a nice Christmas, I sure did. I got into Fairfield and SMU (with a $60,000 scholarship). I am pretty happy with SMU. Happy New Year!

Jack Woodruff, Senior from Loyola HS got accepted into 2 out of the 3 colleges

…And I Get A Scholarship For $15,000 A Year…

Hey Jonathan!
Guess what?
I got into St. Anselm’s as a Presidential Scholar which means i’m admitted into their honors program and i get a scholarship for $15,000 a year. Yay! I got into Stonehill with the Dean’s Scholarship ($10,000) and I got into Fairfield as well. Finally ,jonathan, I wanted to let you know that i got into wheaton with a $7,500 regional scholarship and a $3,000 stipend for summer research! ttyl

Alexandra Watson, lexandra, a senior from Flintridge Sacred Heart and alumni of Ucan's college planning program got into 6 out of 8 colleges she applied to

She was identified as a National Hispanic Scholar by the College Board and received the scholarship awarded by Alabama for that too.

Brass accepted the Presidential Scholarship from the University of Alabama. She was identified as a National Hispanic Scholar by the College Board and received the scholarship awarded by Alabama for that too. The scholarships include: Full out-of-state tuition. Housing for all four years, en suite style living. Semester abroad or summer of research abroad $500 stipend per semester, lap top and admittance into the Honors college and recommended to honors dorm.

Jonathan, I thank God for this scholarship. I thank you, Melody, Taner and all of UCan for helping Brass achieve her goals.

Dylann Bralley, Brass was a senior at Flintridge Sacred Heart

Our son worked closely with Melody, Jonathan, and Tanner to improve his test taking skills and enhance his application. His SAT scores improved over 400 points from the initial skills test. This process helped solidify his college application and facilitate competitive interest from a dozen top notch universities. He garnered scholarship offers ranging from $40k – $80k and is still sorting out his best offer for the right school.

The world is becoming increasingly competitive and expensive to obtain a college education. We are grateful for the experience with Jonathan, Melody, and Tanner. We highly recommend UCAN Prep and will most definitely use their services for our next son!!

Julie Owens, Chris + 440 SAT Score Gain Admitted To UC Berkeley Received over $440,000 In Merit Scholarships.
Before Ucan, I had an 1880. After Ucan, I got a 2280, a 400 point gain. I have gotten into schools that vary such as Biola and Pepperdine all the way up to Nyu, Usc, Ucla and Northwestern and substantial scholarships from each. The total was $750,000 in scholarships. Thank you!
Amy, 400 SAT Score Gain Admitted To Nyu, Usc, Ucla & Northwestern
Thanks to UCAN, my son got a 65% scholarship ($25k per year for 4 years) to Holy Cross in Indiana. Thank you Jonathan, Melody & Taner for all your help. We could not have done it without you!
Venny Saucedo, Steven + 250 SAT Score Gain

I joined UCAN in the summer going to senior year. My initial SAT score was a 1400 but after UCAN I had a 1900! This program really helped me not just with the SAT but with my everyday study habits.Melody and Tanner are excellent teachers and are very helpful. I would recommend them to anyone who wants to improve their SAT score or needs help in the college application.

Leyna, 500 SAT Score Gain Admitted To Gonzaga With $12,000 A Year Scholarship

Best place for SAT prep! They not only helped my child score high on their SAT, but they helped with getting full scholarships to college for both my sons! This place is Amazing!!! Thank you everyone at UCAN!


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